Now is the time for us to rethink how we live

Detroit 2025 ()

This is Part 4 of an essay series. Read Part 1 .

I have always been enamored by the built environment. I studied Architecture and Urbanization at University. I have always felt that architecture is the highest expression of art — art in which humans get to learn, play, work…

What a brand does is more important than what a brand says

Ellen in her home (Warner Bros.)

I have been a fan of Ellen’s for years. I watched her original sitcom in the mid to late 90’s. She was hilarious and kind. I was personally devastated when her show got unceremoniously axed from the ABC network because she had come out as a lesbian. …

Now is the time to rethink everything

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Many stories, speculations, and conspiracy theories surround COVID-19. Some are convinced that this virus is man-made, born in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. Others believe that this is an act by Mother Nature to control the world’s population size, thus reducing the incredible stress humans are causing on planet Earth…

Brands do owe their existence to consumers

Brand Managers may be formally responsible for building brands over time, but consumers are informally responsible for building brands through their purchasing decisions.

However, during tough times like a pandemic or a recession, consumer spending changes drastically and wanes overall.

So what should brands do?

Should they continue to advertise…

Josh MacKinnon

Josh is Partner, Client Strategy at POWERSHiFTER in Vancouver, Canada. He has been published in elemente, INToronto, and DNA magazines.

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