7 Fun Activities You Didn’t Think of Doing Virtually

Stay socially connected, while physically apart

Me making the most of staying at home

Self-isolation sucks. Being asked not to physically interact with other human beings in-person goes against our natural desire for human connection.

So what can you do about it?

For your own wellbeing and mental health, it’s best not to cut yourself off from others completely. After all, staying at home binging on Netflix will only be fun for so long.

Here are 7 activities you can do with your family, friends, or colleagues that you didn’t even think to do virtually:

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1. Virtual Family Dinner

Being separated from your parents, siblings, extended family, or chosen family can be very tough. A virtual family dinner is a great way to enjoy a meal together while remaining physically apart. Set up a tablet at the end of your dinner table or kitchen counter and prop it up so that the other people can see your place settings. Video call your loved ones and enjoy a meal together while discussing your week. Before you start your meal, do a round table and have everyone say what they are grateful for.

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2. Virtual Happy Hour

My partner and I had virtual happy hour with friends last night. Although getting together in-person trumps a video call, it was still fun and nice to be able to connect with friends, see their faces, enjoy drinks together and reassure one another during these uncertain times. So, if you have one or more friends that you usually hit the pub with on the regular, schedule a virtual happy hour one evening in the near future and do a virtual cheers to good health!

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3. Virtual Games Night

About once a month I have people over for a games night. Just because we need to physically distance, does not mean that we cannot continue with this social engagement. Some games that work the best over video calling are: 20 Questions, Trivia Questions, Charades, and Pictionary to name a few. So video call some friends and let the games begin!

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4. Virtual Book Club

My partner is part of a book club. However as of right now they are not getting together in-person. So what they have decided to do is continue their book club virtually. The group uses Google Hangout and they have continued the same tradition of drinking wine and talking about their different perspectives on the book of the month that they are reading.

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5. Virtual Birthday Party

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Congregating a group of children in these times is just not safe. Any children that have upcoming birthdays may be upset that they cannot have a party. If that is the case, give them a virtual one! It may not need to be hours long, with a birthday cake that cannot be shared, but maybe a 15 minute Google Hangout with your children’s friends will do the trick to help them see and connect with their friends.

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6. Virtual Play Date

Many parents are challenged right now as their children do not understand why they cannot play with their friends, and many of them are having breakdowns because of it. Arrange a virtual play date instead. And if you can cast the video from your phone or tablet to your TV, with the size of the screen, your playdate will be larger than life!

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7. Virtual Classroom

Do you need your children to keep learning, however they don’t want to learn from you? Connect them with a tutor or even their grandparents in a virtual classroom so they can continue learning from someone other than you. Who knows, they may find it even more fun and engaging!

FaceTime, Google Duo, Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Messenger are all great options for video calls. So schedule a virtual get together with friends, family or colleagues and stay socially connected!

Josh lives in downtown Vancouver and had a virtual happy hour with friends last night and has a virtual games night with friends scheduled for tonight.

Josh is the Managing Director of Behaviour in Vancouver, Canada. He has been published in elemente, INToronto, and DNA magazines.

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